Express Alterations by Anna - A

Very polite, very helpful, and very quick!
I took my dress 2 weeks before the wedding because I picked a different one at the last minute.  She took it up, added the bustle, took in the top, and steamed it in 1 week.  After trying it on again on friday she did have to make another change but she was very polite about it and finished by that monday.  It fit perfectly.  She is a bit expensive though.  Total alterations were about $205.

Melissa Haislip Hair and Makeup - F

I asked Melissa Haislip to keep the date open for me and had several conversations with her about it including what I wanted, what my BMs wanted, pricing, venue, date, etc.  When I tried to contact her again for my trial run I got no response by email so I tried calling, her phone had been disconnected. 

I finally found her on facebook and asked about it and her response was that she closed her small business and does not use that email address or phone number anymore.  She didn't remember our conversations about my wedding.  She said remind her of the details and she'd still do it.   I sent her all the details we had discussed and she wrote back saying that she would be out of town that weekend and good luck.

So if you plan to use her you should have a backup because she is not at all reliable.

Casie's Place Ltd. Flowers - A

Easy to work with, quick, nice job.  Not expensive.

All-Inclusive Outlet (travel agency) - B+

My experience with them didn't start out that well.  I booked our honeymoon on their website and paid the downpayment when I booked.  Their site had a malfunction of some kind and charged my card twice.  They noticed it right away and appologized but it took about 2 weeks to get the money back into my account.  I can't say if that is a normal delay because this was right about the time that swine flu hit and everyone started cancelling their vacations.  After that it's been pretty good.  Our travel agent has kept us completely updated and always got straight back to me if I had a question.

Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Jamaica (Honeymoon) - A+++

This was our first all-inclusive vacation and we absolutely loved it!  Beautiful resort, very clean, lots to do.  Everyone was very friendly, the food was fantastic, and the all-inclusive was well worth it.  We'll probably go back as soon as we can afford it.

The James River Inn (Venue) - C+

Open to pretty much anything, they don't have too many rules but you do have to be finished by 8 if you don't rent the entire Inn.  The place is run mainly by 2 men so you can tell it needs a woman's touch.    The owner got drunk during our rehearsal dinner and when we tried to start setting up he was too far gone to remember where the tables were.  He and his friends got drunk again the night of the wedding.  They kept to themselves upstairs but they did steal some food.

Michael Gallione Elite Sounds Entertainment (DJ) - D

Michael Gallione was the person we spoke to when we booked Elite Sounds, he was the one we worked with all along with our requests and song lists.  He had even asked about what we'd like him to wear.  The day of the wedding he decided he didn't want to come and called a very young girl he had been working with (she looked about 16) to come do it for him.  He gave her the address and that's it.  She got lost and showed up 1.5hrs late and half our guests left before she got there because they were bored and thought we weren't doing anything else. 

When she finally got there she was not prepared and took 20 minutes to look up the song we wanted for the first dance.  Then she started playing breakup songs.  We asked her to do a few announcements and our anniversary dance and she was so quiet and monotone that nobody heard her or knew what was going on.  She didn't try to get anyone's attention before talking and made the whole thing kind of pointless. 

Nobody was dancing to the music she was playing so we asked her to just stop playing.  She kept playing anyway until we asked her a 4th time to stop.  They would only take $40 off the price (even though we paid extra for an hour we didn't get) and when contacted about it Michael Gallione got very hateful.  He said that her getting lost was our fault because our directions were bad, she said he did not give her our directions plus our guests found it fine and the whole way was marked with balloons.  He also said that people were not leaving because of the DJ, they left to go to a better party.  That was not only very rude but also not true.  He said that he had never had complaints about her being too quiet or boring before.  He also said that she lied about him deciding not to do the wedding and that he had another wedding that day.  First, we booked before them so we should have been a higher priority especially since he told us that he would be the one doing ours.  Second, why would she say he called last minute if he didn't?

Tammy Southard (Cake) - B 

Beautiful work, great tasting cake, didn't get our requests right.  The cake was still beautiful but she did it the wrong colors and we asked for chocolate layers and orange layers, she made chocolate and lemon.  Nobody at the wedding wanted lemon cake so we ended up throwing away over half of it.  Lots of money to waste and she swore that it was orange when we mentioned it to her.  Even the icing was lemon.

SaDonna at Chic Hair (hair) - C

It turned out pretty and she only charged $40 but she took a half hour longer than she told me she would and made me late to the wedding.  I got there early hoping she could start early and she was waiting for another woman's hair to dry so she wouldn't take me.  She ended up starting 15 minutes late. She also cut someone else's hair while mine was drying and left me sitting longer than I needed to. 

Reverend Sandie Falciglia

Nice person, willing to work with whatever you want.  She's kind of pushy and she likes to take over.  She kept saying our names wrong.  She tried to convince us to do our outdoor ceremony inside because she thought it was too cold.  None of our guests had a problem with it.  She pushed us to hurry up and do our intros and since the DJ was still not there she wanted to do them herself.  She could not pronounce our last name right so she introduced us as "Michael and Aleisha" instead of Mr. and Mrs. or husband and wife.  She pushed us to hurry and just start the food line since the DJ was STILL not there.  While we were eating she kept bugging us to get up and speak to our guests.  Neither of us got to eat much.  It took 2.5 weeks to get our unofficial copy of the marriage certificate back and we're still waiting on word about the official copies.